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We help individuals and families work toward achieving their ideal retirements.

Meet The Team

The team behind Barcomb Asset Management, LLC is made up of qualified financial professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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Our Mission

At Barcomb Asset Management  our mission is clear: “We Empowering Your Financial Journey”

We are passionate about safeguarding your financial well-being. We are committed to providing personalized asset management solutions that empower our clients to achieve their financial goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement, building wealth, or safeguarding your legacy, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Core Principles

Expertise: Our seasoned team brings decades of experience to the table. We stay informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and investment strategies to deliver informed advice.

Transparency: Trust is paramount. We maintain transparency in our processes, fees, and investment decisions. You’ll always know where your money is invested and how it’s performing.

Customization: No two clients are alike. We tailor our strategies to align with your unique aspirations, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Our Philosophy

We embrace a philosophy that guides our every decision and action:

“Preserving Wealth, Nurturing Dreams”

Our Core Beliefs:

Steadfast Preservation: We believe in safeguarding your wealth with diligence and care. Our strategies focus on long-term stability, risk management, and capital preservation.

Holistic Approach: Beyond numbers and portfolios, we recognize that wealth serves as a means to achieve dreams. Whether it’s funding a child’s education, traveling the world, or leaving a legacy, we nurture those aspirations.

Personal Connection: Your financial journey is deeply personal. We listen, empathize, and tailor solutions that align with your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Join us as we navigate the financial landscape, preserving what matters most and nurturing your dreams.

Our Process

1. Discovery and Assessment

We begin by understanding your financial landscape, goals, and risk tolerance. Our team conducts a thorough assessment to identify your unique needs and aspirations.

2. Customized Strategy

Based on the assessment, we create a personalized investment strategy. This strategy considers factors such as:

  1. Time Horizon: Short-term vs. long-term goals
  2. Risk Profile: Conservative, balanced, or aggressive
  3. Asset Allocation: Diversification across equities, fixed income, and alternative investments
3. Portfolio Construction

Our experts curate a well-balanced portfolio aligned with your strategy. We select individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles to optimize returns while managing risk.

4. Active Monitoring and Adjustments

We actively monitor your portfolio, keeping a close eye on market trends, economic indicators, and geopolitical events. When necessary, we make adjustments to maintain alignment with your goals.

5. Regular Reviews and Reporting

We schedule periodic reviews to discuss performance, address any changes in your circumstances, and refine the strategy. You receive transparent reports detailing your portfolio’s progress.

6. Client Education

We believe in empowering our clients. Throughout the process, we educate you on investment principles, market dynamics, and financial literacy.

7. Long-Term Partnership

Our commitment extends beyond transactions. We build lasting relationships, adapting our approach as your life evolves.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Located

Global Accessibility:

In today’s interconnected world, financial services can be provided remotely. Technology allows us to communicate, execute transactions, and manage portfolios regardless of physical distance.

Our company can serve clients across borders, leveraging digital platforms and secure communication channels.

Investment Universality:

Investment principles apply universally. Whether a client is in New York, Tokyo, or Moscow, the fundamental concepts of risk, diversification, and asset allocation remain consistent.

Our expertise lies in understanding these principles and tailoring them to individual needs, regardless of location.

Diverse Client Base:

Our small asset management company may serve a diverse clientele. Some clients may be local, while others could be expatriates, international investors, or institutions.

Focusing on client needs rather than geographical boundaries allows us to cater to a broader audience.

Regulatory Compliance:

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential. We adhere to legal and financial regulations irrespective of where our clients reside.

Our due diligence ensures that we meet legal obligations regardless of geographic specifics.

Personalized Approach:

Our primary concern is understanding each client’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and aspirations.

By focusing on individual circumstances, we create customized solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

Risk Mitigation:

Diversification across regions reduces risk. Our investment strategies consider global markets, minimizing exposure to any single economy.

We aim to build resilient portfolios that withstand regional fluctuations.

What Sets Us Apart

Tailored Strategies: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team customizes investment strategies based on your unique aspirations, risk tolerance, and timeline.

Transparency: Trust is paramount. We maintain transparency in our processes, fees, and investment decisions. You’ll always know where your money is invested and how it’s performing.

Holistic Approach: Beyond managing assets, we consider your entire financial picture. Retirement planning, estate management, and risk mitigation – we’ve got you covered.

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Scott C. Barcomb


Scott’s mission is to provide high-quality, personalized services to assist his clients in all aspects of their financial lives. Scott is dedicated to meeting and exceeding his clients’ financial needs.

After working for national firms in New York, Boston and Sarasota, Scott founded Barcomb Asset Management in 1999 to independently serve his clients’ needs. Now, as the leader of his firm, Scott works each day to ensure his clients receive the one-on-one attention and personalized service they need to create a firm financial foundation.

Scott has passed the Series 7, 63 and 65 securities exams and is a licensed insurance representative in multiple states. He received a degree in finance and accounting from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time with his two children, playing tennis and golf, and soaking up the sunshine in Sarasota. Scott is the author of the crime thriller “Black Rock” and lectures on wealth enhancement, preservation and distribution.

Topics for public speaking
Social Security Maximization
Tax Efficient Investments
Asset Allocation


Chris DeLeonardo

MBA Investment Advisor Representative

After 16 years of experience with corporate banking and securities firms in Sarasota, Florida, Chris DeLeonardo joined Barcomb Asset Management in 2017, believing that he would provide better service to his clients’ needs as an adviser independently. Chris grew up in Oregon and, since 1999, has been living in Florida, and he is presently working on acquiring his CFP designation. He is a frequent lecturer on wealth enhancement and preservation, retirement income planning, social security topics, and investment planning, acquired through years of retirement planning and portfolio management.

An avid long-distance runner Chris has completed several marathons and dozens of half marathons in North America and Europe. He and his wife of 19 years, Christine, live in Sarasota full time and enjoy being involved in numerous local events and charities, including the American Cancer Society, Goodwill Manasota, and the Manasota Track Club.

Mandy Espinet

Director of Operations

Mandy Espinet brings twenty years of expertise in client servicing within the financial and insurance industry, serving those twenty years at Barcomb Asset Management.

Mandy has excelled in providing top-notch service to clients while also assisting in financial planning and insurance matters. Her extensive experience and expertise in insurance add depth to her role, allowing her to offer comprehensive solutions to meet clients’ needs effectively. Mandy’s dedication to excellence and her commitment to delivering outstanding service makes her an asset to the firm. Mandy’s multifaceted experience, coupled with her dedication to her family and community, underscores her as a well-rounded professional committed to excellence in both her personal and professional life. Residing in the vibrant community of Palmer Ranch, she not only thrives in her professional endeavors but also cherishes spending quality time with her two teenage sons, Gabriel and Leo.

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Irina Barcomb

Office Manager

Irina Barcomb graduated from the European Humanities University with a degree in International Law, earning the qualification for International Lawyer in 2002.

Irina also received a second higher education, graduating from the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management in 2014. She has a diploma in Economics Management.

Prior moving to the United States, Irina worked as a lawyer in Europe for 20 years, providing a large and diverse client base with expert representation. She has developed invaluable experience in understanding clients’ personal and professional needs, handling them with trusted confidentiality and expertise. She is a highly valued member of the Barcomb Asset Management team.

Caroline Headshot

Caroline Barcomb

Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director at Barcomb Asset Management, Caroline coordinates various events, such as the annual client spring training baseball game, Thanksgiving pie giveaway, annual client Holiday gifting and parties, and informational seminars. These gatherings not only facilitate client connections and education but also mark significant milestones in their financial journeys, fostering a supportive and interactive atmosphere.

Beyond her professional role, Caroline embraces her role as a mother to young twins, skillfully juggling her career and parental responsibilities. She enjoys precious moments with her children, relaxing with a good book, and outdoor adventures. Caroline's steadfast dedication and enthusiasm enrich the culture of Barcomb Asset Management, leaving an enduring impression on both the firm and its clientele.

Amy Terzuoli

Client Servicing Specialist

Seasoned client service specialist in the financial services sector, boasting a comprehensive background in managing client interactions, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and preparing advisors for meetings with precision. Known for implementing effective solutions that enhance overall client satisfaction and loyalty. Proficient in navigating complex financial products and services, providing clients with valuable insights and support.

Outside the professional arena, Amy cherishes quality time with my family, emphasizing the importance of personal connections. Additionally, she finds joy in exploring diverse cuisines, embarking on travel adventures, navigating open waters, and embracing cultural enrichment through museum visits. This multifaceted approach reflects her commitment to both professional excellence and a balanced, fulfilling personal life.

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